What You Need To Remember About Milking The Prostate

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Milking the prostate is often known as prostate massage or stimulating the male G-spot.  When you are massaging your prostate or milking it, you will actually be removing the fluid found in the prostate and of course receiving immense amounts of pleasure at the same time.

The prostate is linked to the sexual parts of a man and is also a very important factor when it comes to your orgasms.  The prostate is found directly under the bladder and in order to milk the prostate you will need to stimulate it manually via your rectum.  The role that the prostate has besides giving you pleasure, is to release seminal fluid during erection and stop your sperm sticking together.

You may have heard that milking the prostate is an actual medical treatment that is used for chronic benign prostatitis and this is true but prostate stimulation can also be used as a regular masturbation act or as part of your sexual play with your partner.

Milking the prostate can be done in a number of ways and there are in fact devices called анальные игрушки that you can buy.  You can of course also use your fingers or your partners fingers too.  You will need to ensure that you are thoroughly clean and this will include emptying your bowels before hand.  You can take a colon cleanser which will ensure that your rectum is clean and empty. 

Before you start milking the prostate it is extremely important to relax.  A warm bath can help and you can even turn this into some foreplay by having your partner join you.  When you are ready to begin you will need some tight fitting latex gloves and plenty of lubrication.  K-Y jelly will work fine.  You will need to start slowly massaging the area around the anus which is also quite sensitive.  This will help you to relax and relax the rectal muscles.  You need to remember that the anus is not used to having anything inserted into it and that the muscles always remain closed. 

When inserting your fingers or your partners fingers you should try pushing as if you were doing a bowel movement.  This will help to open your rectal muscles and allow the finger to enter easily.  Once in keep the finger still and in the same position until the muscles get used to it.  You will only need to insert a finger approximately 3cm inside the rectum.  The finger will then need to be angled towards the navel.  You should feel a small walnut sized bulge through the rectal wall.  This is the prostate gland.

You will need to massage the prostate gland slowly and gently.  You can start with circular motions on either side of the prostate gland.  Be careful when touching the centre of the prostate gland as this is extremely sensitive.  Do not use thrusting motions.  Rubbing the prostate gland too roughly can also damage the soft tissues and the nerves.  As you continue with these slow movements you may feel the urge to pee and this is quite normal.  You won’t actually need to urinate it is just the sensation of the prostate being massaged.

You will begin to feel very erotic and don’t be surprised if you start moaning uncontrollably this is quite normal and is part of the intense pleasure you will feel.  Milking the prostate is extremely erotic and the orgasms it produces are mind blowing.  You orgasms will also be a lot more powerful and you won’t even need to have an erection to ejaculate.  When the prostate is full, it can be voluntarily emptied just like when ejaculation occurs but without having to stimulate your penis.

You can use prostate massage to please yourself or incorporate it into your sexual routine with your partner.  Overall, milking the prostate is an exciting way for any male to feel the intensity of the male G-spot and the overwhelming orgasms it can produce.

When milking your prostate make sure you or your partner are gentle, use common sense, don’t over do it, and most of all, stay relaxed.  Take your time and keep a natural rhythm going. Allow a constant but gentle pressure to be applied to the prostate. 

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