How to Install a Do it Yourself Bed Liner

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Does it hurt you to see those scars appearing on your truck bed? Do you have a brand new truck that needs protection from cargo? Why not try a do it yourself bed liner?

There are many, many different kinds of bedliners available today, and most of them can be self installed.

Why should you self install a bed liner? One reason is to save money. The wide variety of DIY liners available is also a reason to consider a do it yourself bed liner.

If you choose to self install your liner, there are options for everyone.

Rubber mat liners for maximum protection
Rug mat liners for a soft, easy on cargo bed
Sectioned and one piece hard plastic bed liners for easy installation
Liquid bed liners for inexpensive, permanent protection
So, what kind should you install on your truck? The possibilities are many, but you really should ask the question… What do I want in a bed liner?

Let’s just go down the list of bed liners and talk about some pros and cons of all of them. Maybe this spray on bedliner help you decide, OK?

First, the rubber mat liners are a great solution if you want heavy duty, removable protection. The panels for the sides, tailgate, etc. make replacing a damaged section convenient. One of the problems with these liners is with really rough use, the rubber could tear up fairly quickly.

Rug mat liners are a thick carpet liner that is extra protective for hauling things that need a lot of cushion. Some problems with these liners are the possibility of being hard to keep clean (just like regular carpet) and being slightly less durable than rubber or hard plastic.

Hard plastic liners are available in sectioned or one piece models and are a good solution if you want a fast DIY installation. These liners are durable, and the sectioned option allows you to replace a damaged panel just like the rubber liner. But some may have water leak problems, which could rust your truck bed.

The liquid bed liner is the true do it yourselfer’s dream. It is a good, inexpensive bedliner that’s pretty durable and easily repaired. The liner is a thick, textured paint that is rolled, sprayed or brushed onto your truck bed. The extra prep and installation time might scare some people away from this option. But for those who are willing to try, this liner is a rewarding project.

These are some different liner choices for you to consider. If you see one that you are interested in, read more about it elsewhere. There are many variations of these bed liners available.

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