What is an SEO Agency?

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When it comes to SEO, Actuate Media presents a leading SEO agency, devoted to your SEO success from initial concept through effective planning & development. Team of professional seo agency SEOs brings proven SEO techniques & strategies to assist your company not only gain website traffic and lead conversion but also increasing sales. They also work with your company’s marketing professionals to achieve long term visibility, credibility and recognition for your company. This enables the company to expand into new markets and increase brand awareness.

SEO is becoming more important to companies as they continue to develop into larger enterprises. The agency targets website traffic growth through paid and free methods, as well as the ongoing need for organic growth. SEO agencies develop strategies that work for small, medium and large organizations by focusing on the needs of each type of business to bring long-term profitability and long-term benefits. SEO tactics are constantly refined to provide businesses with the most efficient online marketing possible.

Most SEO agencies will use a combination of on-page & off-page optimization techniques. On-page optimization includes things like building in-bound links, optimizing image & video links, writing rich content articles, posting blogs and submitting quality content to directory sites. These linkbacks contribute to the SEO agency’s goal of building link popularity. Link building is done by submitting articles, blogs and quality content to article directories, blog sites, article submission directories and social networking sites such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Propeller and more. In addition, links can be gained by purchasing text links, banner advertising and more.

Off-page SEO techniques include optimizing your website for Google and Yahoo searches. Keyword analysis and research are done to determine the best keywords and key phrases for your company and then optimize them. SEO professionals can also do keyword research and monitoring to ensure that your keywords are being used by people when searching. When using an off-page SEO company, the actual optimization is done by the client and the SEO agency is responsible for linking profile optimization, generating inbound links and monitoring web traffic.

Many SEO agencies will utilize off-page strategies as well. They may also perform competitor analysis and competitor link analysis. Doing competitor analysis is important for any business that wants to remain competitive. Competitors may utilize the same keywords and linkbacks, so it is critical to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, the company may also optimize its anchor text, meta tags and sitemaps.

SEO agencies also understand the importance of social channels to a business’ success on the web. SEO professionals understand how to set up custom social channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote your company. They also know how to use these social channels effectively to drive organic search engine traffic to a website. An effective social channel strategy will help you rank for key phrases, which will then drive traffic to your website. Again, if a company does not have the resources to optimize its social channels, it may benefit from an agency that does.

In order to rank for key phrases, a good SEO agency will perform keyword research and incorporate that data into the optimization process. Keyword research will inform the optimization service what types of pages rank for a given term. This information will determine if a site needs to optimize its page content to rank for that term or if it can just create a page that will attract organic traffic.

Another strategy, a good SEO agency will employ is link profile optimization. Link profile optimization includes creating inbound links from sites that directly relate to your target keywords. The link profile will include anchor texts, keywords and backlinks. A successful SEO service will analyze the link profiles and rank them based on relevancy and importance. Once that data is analyzed, the optimization service will then determine which inbound links are more important than others. They will use those keywords to target specific keywords to drive up rankings.

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